Internship seeker Master for Business Administration - Academy of Ecomics Studies Bucharest Liceul National Constanta on

Stage dans une entreprise a Paris, France / [International / Comptabilité / Qualité]

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Date of last connection: 2010-10-12
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Miss An... Ig...
900412 Constanta

Prepared job(s): : Assistant in the International Research department, Accounting department, Quality Management department


School: Liceul National 900642 Constanta

Education level: Master for Business Administration - Academy of Ecomics Studies Bucharest 2nd year
Master for Business Administration - Academy of Ecomics Studies Bucharest
Highest educational level completed: number of years studied and completed with a diploma after highschool : +3
Last diploma : Bachelor Diplom - Academy of Ecomoics Studies Bucharest
Current educational level : +5
Prepared job(s): : Assistant in the International Research department, Accounting department, Quality Management department

Duration of the internship: 1 year
Beginning of the internship:
2010-09-01 2011-06-30
Full-time Yes
Study-work program No
Geographical mobility from your place of residence : Non


Known Tools / Software/ Methods :

HGV, LGV, special vehicles licences : Driving licence B

Languages :
Romanian : Native
German : Advanced
English : Advanced
French : Intermediate

Cover letter

Dear Mister or Madame,

I am seeking a position that will enable me to build upon the skills I have learned in university. A big well structured company like yours offers internationality and further contacts for an employee life circle. This provides trust followed by the faster adaptability to the requirements of the job.

As you can see by the enclosed resume, in June 2010 I will finish my Master in Business Administration in german. At the moment I am writing my thesis in german about the economical and social effects that Video-Games had first in USA and West Europe and what effects they have now on the Romanian market. In parallel, I am an official translator for german-romanian, Romanian-german, collaborating with 2 romanian companies.

Last year I had the opportunity to study one year at the University of Economics from Vienna, Austria, following the Joszef Program which concerns the young future leaders from East Europe. For receiving the Certificate of this program I also have the chance to work in an Austrian company (UNIQA Insurance), in the international department where I was the Assistant of the International Research Manager. This internship helped me to develop my communication skills and operational competences. With this background, I feel confident about the skills I can bring to your organization. I am a highly organized person who enjoys finding creative solutions to challenges I encounter. Also, I can pick things up very easily and I have strong verbal communication skills.

In addition, I have a strong interest in learning more about the international business, as I think that may be a good fit for my skill set and interests in the future. I would be pleased to bring my leadership, versatility, and dedication to your organization. I will be a diligent and loyal employee with unparalleled integrity.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of what I have to offer and I look forward to hearing from u.




Ø 01.10.2008 - 18.06.2010 : Academy of Economical Studies Bucharest, Master for Business Administration in german
Ø 03.10.2008 - 25.06.2009 : Student of the Joszef Programm at Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien – Joszef Certificate for Management
Ø 01.10.2005 - 15.06.2008 : Academy of Economical Studies Bucharest, University for Business Administration in german – Thesis in Quality Management
Ø 15.09.2001 - 21.06.2005 : Highschool „Mircea cel Bătrân“, Constanţa - „Bacalaureat“ Diplom


Languages :

Ø Romanian : mother tongue
Ø English : fluent
Ø German : fluent
§ Deutsches Sprachdiplom des Kulturministerium Stufe II (2005)
§ Official translator authorization romanian-german/german-romanian (2009)
Ø French : intermediary
Ø Italian and Spanish : good understanding

Computer :

Ø Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Visual Basic, HTML


Ø Since 01.03.2010 : Translation Companies ABC Traduceri and TraducemBine
Official translator german-romanian, romanian-german
Ø 01.07 – 31. 08. 2009 : UNIQA International Insurance- Holding GmbH Vienna, Austria
Assistant in the International Research Department (Benchmarking, intern communication)
Ø 07.05 -27.05. 2007 TMUCB AG Midia Subsidiary
Assistant in the Accounting and Quality Management Department

Ø Travels (Italy, Greece, Slovenia...)
Ø Tennis ( 5 years at regional level)
Ø Member of the Romanian Association of Students in Economics (ASER)
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